Complete control
over your content

Publishing an article? New page? Navigation changes? Adding translations?

With a CMS system you can do it all yourself, without writing a letter of code. Combine the power of a modern CMS with the endless possibilities that custom development offers you.


The most flexible and most complete Content Management System

Discover the endless possibilities that Statamic has to offer.

Customize navigation

Main navigation, footer navigation, legal links, page structure,...

Component library

The ideal combination between flexibility for you, creativity in the design process and stability through a good separation of responsibilities.

Live preview

Adjust your content on the left, immediately see the impact on your page on the right.

Multilingual websites

Are you active in 12 countries? Do you want to offer your content in 36 languages? No problem.

Automatic media optimization

Don't worry about oversized images, everything is scaled perfectly for performance in the component where the image is used.

Schedule content

Schedule your blog posts for the coming weeks in advance or take a landing page offline automatically at the end of a promotion.

Users, roles & permissions

Multiple content editors? A responsible person per language? Add users and determine what they can access.

Collaborate simultaneously

No more conflicts. See which colleagues view the same content and which fields are edited by whom.

Version control

View a history of who made what changes, and work on a new draft while the previous one remains online. Publish when you are ready, or roll back to a previous version.


Secure by default, built on the most secure and best maintained Framework of the moment.

Enterprise ready

Extremely high performance and scalable, SSO, workflow management, multi-layer caching options,...

Need more?

Then we just build it ourselves!
Statamic is fully expandable with custom modules.

Is your WordPress site in need of an update?

WordPress is a well-known CMS that allows you to customize the content of your website yourself. Its fame is mainly due to the low threshold with which everyone can get started, you don't have to understand a letter of code to set up a simple site. This accessibility also has many disadvantages. So do you want a professional website built by someone with expertise, and at the same time the same user-friendly environment to manage the content yourself? Then a CMS such as Statamic is a great upgrade!


About the most popular starter CMS on earth due to its simple use. Plugins can be found for many things, which means that the functionality of WordPress is quite extensive. On the other hand, this is also a security risk. these plugins must be updated very often to guarantee security. Updating a plugin is not without risk and can cause problems on your website.


Statamic makes a clearer distinction between the responsibilities of a developer and a content editor. So you only have to deal with the content, without having to deal with code or plugins. No more updates breaking your site, no more security holes from the 50 plugins you installed, etc. Simply write content in the provided building blocks.

Want full control over your content?

Small business and want to update your own site?
Large company with several editors?
Together we will work out a tailor-made proposal.

Companies I worked with:

  • Alpro
  • Danone
  • Bancontact Payconiq Company
  • Sodexo
  • Q8
  • Vlaamse Overheid