Project Management
costs saves money

"A good bookkeeper pays for itself"

You've probably heard this before. The same goes for a Project Manager.
A good analysis and follow up of your project will save you time and money!

A Project Manager is essential for any successful project

Many projects go over time and budget due to a lack of proper planning and follow-up. In fact, some projects never even see the light of day, or never deliver enough value to justify their cost.

A Project Manager saves you money in the long run

A Project Manager earns himself back by taking control from the start and following everything up to a successful conclusion. He sees budget overruns from afar and prevents problems through a thorough risk analysis and follow-up.

With a Digital Project Manager you bring knowledge in-house

A Project Manager with a focus on digital has a lot of knowledge of and experience with technologies, products, agencies, etc. Without having to figure everything out yourself, he can save you a lot of time and prevent mistakes.

A Project Manager eases your burden

A Project Manager also ensures you don't have to worry about the details. Monitoring the budget, purchasing software, scheduling, briefing people, managing agencies,… It's all taken over from you. You indicate what exactly needs to be delivered, how much budget you have and what the deadline is. Afterwards, the Project Manager takes over from you and regularly reports back to you about the status of the project.

You stay in control

You will always be consulted if extra budget is needed, the deadline has to be moved, or the end product is changed. You also regularly receive a high level status update, so you stay in control without drowning in details.

And so much more...

There are hundreds more things that a Project Manager does for you: monitoring scope, make and follow up on the budget, plan people and resources, clarify the impact of scope changes on planning and budget, clarify and document responsibilities, guarantee quality, analyze and inform stakeholders, communication, training,…

How do you save money?

A Project Manager will save you money in several ways:

Deep analysis

By thoroughly analyzing the scope of the project in advance and checking whether all aspects of the company have really been taken into account, it is possible to plan better for the future. Instead of having to start all over again with the next expansion, you can build a system that scales with your company.

Budget tracking

Instead of finding out at the last minute that there is no budget left, a good Project Manager will see a budget overrun coming from afar. For large projects, the problem can even be noticed and corrected months in advance.

Risk assessment

By identifying and analyzing risks early, and by monitoring the biggest risks very closely, you can prevent them from turning into issues. Because solving issues often costs a lot more money than mitigating risks.

Having a project of your own?

As a Project Manager, I help you to deliver your project on time, within budget and with high quality. You get important updates without having to worry about all the details.

Companies I worked with:

  • Alpro
  • Danone
  • Bancontact Payconiq Company
  • Sodexo
  • Q8
  • Vlaamse Overheid